Services available on cars and trucks.

Free Tire Inflation

Pull up to the door and we will inflate your tires for free. Enjoy better fuel mileage and longer tire life for free.


Bear Mountain Auto Repair

Free Check Engine Light Reading

We will attach the scanner and read the codes in the computer for free. A basic description of the code will be explained. Some older OBD1 vehicles cant be read. The rest is up to you. We can offer a estimate to repair if you would like. No strings attached! This is offered as a advertising welcome and we hope you will return in the future for your auto repair needs.

Steering column repair

Ignition switch replacement

Door locks

Motor stalling

Cranks wont start.



Fuel injection

Fuel pumps

Ignition system

Radiator flush

U joints

Battery testing

Shift linkage

Transmission, minor service

Differential, front, rear

Transfer case

Timing belts and chains

Wheel bearings

Steering, gear boxes, linkage.


Tune ups

Suspension, control arms

Water pumps

Serpentine Belt

Radiator clean, repair

Exhaust  manifolds, leaks

Oil leaks

Evap problems

Air conditioning

Check engine lamp troubleshooting


Anti lock controls

Traction control

Cooling system

Driveability, poor performance

FREE check engine lamp reading

Heater system


Instrument Cluster

Noise troubleshooting

Window motor and regulator

Cruise control